Sunday, May 12, 2013

E. Nesbit's The Dragon Tamers

The dragon had purred till he was quite out of breath--so now he stopped, and as soon as everything was quiet the baby thought everyone must have settled for the night, and that it was time to begin to scream. So it began.
"Oh dear," said the dragon, "this is awful."
He patted the baby with his claw, but it screamed more than ever.
"And I am so tired, too," said the dragon. "I do so hope I should have a good night."
-E. Nesbit's The Dragon Tamers
 For Studio Concepts & Practices, our class was assigned to illustrate a story passage of choice. I always enjoyed reading stories involving well-behaved, non-menacing dragons and The Dragon Tamers was my first and final choice for the given project -- the most memorable scene being the iron-plated dragon watching the protagonist's infant child.

Using Higgins black ink, I began by washing my values in with Sumi-e brushes.  Lastly I finished with linework using dip quill and Sumi-e bamboo pens.