Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Creating Creatures at IlluXcon 2012

Last November, I spent a week in Altoona, PA for a fantasy and sci-fi illustration convention called IlluXcon. I got the chance to meet many experienced artists in the field like Bob Eggleton, William O' Connor and John Jude Palencar.
I was also lucky enough to attend a creature design workshop with Mark A. Nelson as the instructor. In the workshop, we practiced exercises such as blocking unusual shapes with Sharpie and creating different character designs from them. Here are the different characters I made: 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Intro. to Illustration 2012

"Chopy and Poco's Show" -- watercolor paints, ink pen and Photoshop CS5

"Verdi" cover -- Photoshop CS5

 "Verdi" page -- Photoshop CS5

"Lady Justice" -- ink pen and Photoshop CS5

Queen 2011-2012

 Slightly Mad -- watercolor paints and ink pen 

 Mercury and the Phoenix -- Prismacolor colored pencils and ink pen

 Steampunk Queen -- Photoshop CS5

Design 2011-2012

Mardi Gras scene -- ink pens

"What Makes Us Human" -- ink stains, pencils

Freddie Mercury flipbook animation -- Photoshop CS5

 Freddie Mercury flipbook

More Paint & Color Theory 2011-2012

Leviathan, Ziz and Behemoth -- Photoshop CS5

 Barong Mask -- Illustrator CS5

First in Cesky Krumlov series -- watercolor paints and watercolor pencils

Second in Cesky Krumlov series -- acrylic paint

Third in Cesky Krumlov series -- Illustrator CS5

Monday, February 11, 2013

Paint & Color Theory 2011-2012

Self Portrait -- acrylic paint, cut paper, wallpaper sample 

Greyscale of Rikki the cat -- acrylic paint

Still Life -- oils on canvas

Fundamental Drawing 2011-2012

Nude study -- graphite pencils

Gesture studies -- charcoal

Self Portrait -- graphite pencils

What's a blog without an introduction post, eh?

After hearing countless suggestions from the CCAD animation club, I finally took the time to create an art blog through this service. I'll start off by posting older work and continue up to my recent drawings. I'll do my best to keep the blog updated on a regular basis.